The Kitty Hawk Flyer lets anyone go flying

This introduction to the Kitty Hawk Flyer nails the ownership experience in just under two and a half minutes. When your rich friends invite you to dinner on the lake, you can't just show up in a boat. How pedestrian!

Lisa knows how to arrive in style. After implying that she can get there faster than any boat, she jumps on what is essentially a flying jet ski and heads on over to wow her friends with the embodiment of conspicuous consumption. Oh, and her friends were in the same cove she was. Why was it surprising that she could be there in two minutes?

After a bit of tooling around, everyone had their fun and settles in to eat dinner. If you want to know why this commercial only features about a minute of actual flying, let the late, great Mitch Hedburg explain:

Goofy commercial aside, this thing does look like a blast, and would definitely be worth adding to your collection if you have a floating helipad off the dock of your lake house.

The all-electric Flyer is supposedly so easy to fly you don't need a pilots license and will learn it in minutes. For now, it is suggested to keep it over water, presumably for safety.

Which is good because could you imagine the range anxiety of an electric aircraft flying over unforgiving pavement?

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