One driver found out why Tesla's autopilot is still not considered a finished product


Telsa is leading the charge in not only the electrification of automobiles, but with autonomous driving as well. They have been slowly releasing features for their autopilot system for over two years now and so far, so good as long as you understand its limitations.

In this video, we see what can happen when you think you can just forget about driving while in autopilot. The Tesla is cruising down the highway with the driver (or in this case the passenger in the driver seat) talking to his passengers about the new Model 3 coming out. A car in the right lane cuts him off and the car does nothing but continue to drive straight. Luckily, the owner of the car was paying enough attention to notice in time and steers out of the way. No one is hurt and there was no collision but there's no doubt someone peed their pants a little.

What some don't understand is that no car has been approved for full autonomous driving just yet. Even if Tesla has the tech on the car, it's not all activated yet as Elon and the team have not been given the thumbs up to do so.


In reading the description and comments, this person was an Uber driver who uses his Model S for work. He seems pretty knowledgeable about the car yet was still inches away from disaster.  It was a great save no doubt, but let's face it: This guy got lucky.

We will soon be able to eat loaded nachos in the back seat of our cars while a robot drives us around, but that day just isn't here yet.

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