Now we can all inject fighter jet technology into our commute


What do high-end sports cars and fighter jets have in common? Heads Up Displays. The tiny holograms, projected onto a thin plate of glass, aren't as technically complex as you'd think, but they do a lot to make a car look like it belongs on the next level.

If only automakers knew that all you need to encourage your average car buyer to buy a specific car is a new take on the dashboard. That would be a lot less expensive than any substantial performance upgrade they might also be considering.

Navdy came up with a way to bring the futuristic tech to any car with an OBDII port, so you can stop looking at your car, contemplating trading it in. The Navdy HUD sits on the dash and, at the cost of a small delay in the display, brings all of your dashboard readings, music information, and route guidance to your windshield.


Now all you need is a pilot's helmet and you'll pretty much be in Top Gun.

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