A startup could revolutionize the shade-tree mechanic game


The Airbnb model is preparing to make its way into the gearhead world with Garage Time. Founded by Andrew Koretz, Garage Time aims to match people with the desire or need to perform their own repairs on their car, truck or bike, but who don't have a space to do so, with people who are willing to rent out their garage.

Koretz reached out to Jalopnik's David Tracy to talk about his newest venture and to get some publicity for the product. Koretz came up with the idea to start a peer-to-peer garage rental site after he found himself in need of a place to work on his 2002 Porsche 996 while living in Chicago.

He paid friends to let him wrench on his prized car in their garage spaces, but he soon came up with idea around building a site where more people could benefit from the spare garage space that people like his friends had available.


The site is live but still in its infant space. There just simply aren't a ton of people to choose from yet, but the idea has gained some traction and stands to become a new name in the world of do-it-yourself urban car repair.