Aluminum is old news for Ford; now they are looking to use wood to build cars

Most car companies recognize that eco-friendly is the way to go. But creating a sustainable vehicle goes a lot further than creating an alternative to gasoline. Plenty of the pieces that make up a car are built from plastic and other synthetic materials.

Ford is considering taking a significant step towards making their cars more environmentally conscious by adding non-decorative bamboo-plastic blends to its cars.

Bamboo grows rabidly and is plentiful around the globe. It's like kudzu, only useful. Seriously, the plant grows everywhere. And while Ford hasn't announced an official plan for incorporating bamboo in its designs, it could make the company's cars even stronger.

Bamboo is known as vegetable steel in parts of South America and has been used to build bridges and construction scaffolding. It's seriously tough.

Who knows, a few years pass by and the interior of your car could be more natural than the organics aisle in a Whole Foods.

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