Dodge has an answer for Hellcat's doubters: Widebody

Dodge has pretty much ended the debate when it comes to straight line speed. The Demon is the fastest thing from one light to another a surprisingly reasonable amount of money can buy. But the doubters can easily dismiss it. "Watch out for that slight bend in the road," they taunt, "And who would pay $85k for a Dodge?"

Clearly, Dodge is not amused, because now they are taking aim at the title of "Best Muscle-car-that-also-can-turn-occasionally." Enter the Challenger Hellcat Widebody:

For around $12k less than a Demon, but $7,300 more than the standard Hellcat, you get the Demon's extra 3.5 inches of width with the (Relatively sane) 707 horses of the Hellcat that adds more track focus to Dodge's muscle-lineup. Dodge claims the extra grip and revised power steering tuning from the new electric rack is good for 2 seconds off of the standard Hellcat's lap time on a 1.7 mile road course. And don't worry, no straight line speed was sacrificed, as the new Widebody is actually .3 seconds faster to sixty than the base Hellcat thanks to the wider tires.

Really, unless you have an aversion to fender flares, is there any reason left to buy a base Hellcat? It isn't the fastest on the strip, it isn't the quickest on the track. It is crazy to say, but the Hellcat's only appeal is as the budget super-muscle car for Dodge.

Crazy time's we're living in.

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