Watch the savage acceleration in the world’s first video review of the Bugatti Chiron Carfection / Youtube

The Bugatti Chiron’s numbers are staggering. 1,500 horses, eight piston brake calipers and 260+ mph top speed. It is hard to get a feel for how insane those numbers are, though. Finally, the first video review is out! Watch in amazement as they put the W16 engine through its paces. This clip of this beast gives a better sense of what that kind of speed looks like:

The Chiron spins its tires all the way through first gear (Don’t forget this car is all wheel drive) before hooking up around 40 mph and surging all the way to 217 mph in under 22 seconds. A cleaner launch could turn in an even quicker time, but you still get a great representation of the insane acceleration this thing is capable of.

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