This is exactly how much 475 horsepower and three rows of seats will cost you


The 2018 Dodge Durango SRT is the inevitable family hauler addition to Dodge's supercharged, super-powered lineup. 475 horsepower is what happens when you cram a Charger SRT into a mall crawler. 4.4 second zero to sixty times are what happens when you pair that 6.4 liter Hemi with an eight speed automatic transmission. And $64,090 is how much you can expect to pay for what FCA's Tim Kuniskis called in the release, a "Toy hauling, three row muscle car."

That is a lot of money for a Durango, but when you consider that it is an SUV that can haul 7 people and an 8,700 lb trailer to the drag strip before laying down a 12 second quarter mile time, what more could you ever need? Training. That's what.

Piloting a 5,000 lb monster capable of these speeds is likely to make you the star of a Youtube video in one way or another.  To ensure their owners don't start to build a Mustang-like reputation, Dodge is including a full day of instruction at the Bob Bondurant school of high performance driving with every Durango. Good move.

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