If you want to drive a race car on the street, you have a few options


What's the whole point of a sports car? To drive the closest approximation to a race car we can afford, of course. And if that is indeed the whole point, this list of top ten street legal race cars could double as the top 10 cars you could ever hope to own.

The BAC Mono kicks off the list, and if a Formula 3 car in street clothes is only at number ten, you can bet the rest will be adequately insane. The McLaren F1 has been the benchmark for any road going race car since 1992 and got on the list even though it is decades older than most of the others.

The list culminates with the Ultima Evolution. 1,020 horsepower and 2050 pound weight makes calculating horsepower per ton a snap, and the top speed of 240 is just mind-bending.


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