Mustang Celebrates its Golden 50th with Black and Gold

Remember the Datsun 10th Anniversary 280ZX Black Gold? If you don't, here is a little reminder...

Oh yeah, baby... mustaches, gold-painted nails, and 8-track players. Those were the days, wearing your bell-bottom jeans and your lady by your side. Black Gold was the perfect marriage between lavish and daring. Such an iconic image inspired Galpin Auto Sports when they designed a new 2015 Mustang for the upcoming SEMA in Las Vegas.

While Datsun used Black Gold as their 10th anniversary design, Ford held out for their 50th anniversary. The Galpin Auto Sports 2015 Mustang GT (one of two new Mustangs -- the other being the Petty Garage 2015 Mustang GT) is a 5.0L GT model modified by the folks at Galpin Auto Sports to celebrate the Mustang's 50th birthday. The 50th is often referred to as the golden anniversary and with that in mind, GAS has designed a Mustang show car that features a black body with gold flecking in the metallic paint, gold in the custom LED headlights, gold woven into the Recaro seats, gold wheels, gold brake calipers, gold badges and gold interior trim. The announcement indicates that the GAS Mustang will have a restyled front and rear fascia and a gold powder coated supercharger from Whipple that will help this muscle car make 725 horsepower out of the blown 5.0 V8.

2015 Mustang Black Gold

The 201 SEMA Show starts in early November so we will get to see them all in a few weeks, but with any luck, the folks at Ford will offer up some more artwork before then. Given that last year, Ford stuffed something like 7000 cars into its Las Vegas Convention Center display area, the idea that it's bringing "over a dozen" tuned-up Mustangs seems almost tame. The sheer number of cars might seem manageable, but these Stangs will be anything but broken-in show ponies.

In the meantime, why not dive back into that good ole nostalgia and soak in some more Black Gold moments.