This custom three wheeler will make all your driving dreams come true

This machine is the result of a fabricator who knows the best advertisement for his services is a rolling showcase of his talent.

Adam of AMT Machine Shop built this three wheeler as an advertisement to show off his fabrication business but instead ended up with one of the most fun looking things on wheels.

Powered by a Kawasaki Ninja 900r engine, this thing sounds perfect and revs to the heavens. The three wheel, open cockpit layout gives the driver the impression of driving an open wheeled race car on the street.

Adam basically pioneered the street legal three wheeler in British Columbia, Canada as when he built this, he had to create an entirely new registration category to make it street legal.

We did get a good laugh out of him saying the driver is "Safe" inside the cage of this thing. Although, safe is a relative term, we guess.

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