You can build your own drift trike in no time with this guide


Want a bad idea for the coming weekend? Build a drift trike for under $500 and finally put that welding torch you've had laying around your garage to work.

Douglas Glad from the Hot Rod Network outlined a nifty guide on how to build your own trike, using an inexpensive frame and motor. Seriously, it's a tricycle. It's best to take the cheapest route possible and not really think too hard about it.

This seems like a pretty quick build, and even if you don't plan on knocking one of these together anytime soon, it's still nice to know that guys like Glad are coming up with how-to's that people can use to pull together these vehicles in a hurry.


Moral of the story, go out, buy a scratcher, and, if you win a few bucks, grab all the parts you need to truly make your inner child happy again.

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