Dodge may have let the Demon's official numbers slip early

You frisky little Dodge Demon.
First, the most anticipated muscle car of this year teased us with some specs last month that got our mouths watering. The Challenger SRT Demon unique Bilstein dampers are set up for "drag mode," meaning they're ready to handle the extra load transferred to the rear axle at launch. It pushes more power than the Hellcat's already impressive 707 hp. An image released by Dodge shows the sidewall of the Demon's tires with a suspicious "815" instead of the tires original 315 width, leading some to wonder whether an 815 hp Demon is on the way.
Now, Dodge has released a video that seems to tease more of the specs. The charts go by in rapid-fire order at the end of the video, but Road and Track broke them down one-by-one and added them to its Pinterest page.

Who knows whether these are the actual specs - Dodge makes everything official next month - and R&T points out a number of discrepancies between the slides. For example, one slide shows the 0-100 time at 6.08 seconds, while another has it at 6.80. That could be a simple transposition error, or all the numbers could be simple placeholders.

But the numbers show a 0-60 time of 3 seconds, 1/8 of a mile at 6.6 seconds (at 125 MPH) and ¼ mile at 10.5 seconds (at 129 MPH). HP and torque both seems to peak in the 750 range.

Regardless, the Demon has done what any good marketer does. Keep us all in suspense, and making us want more.

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