Dodge completely compromised the usability of the Demon to cut weight


When we last checked in on the upcoming Dodge Demon, we were noting the record width tires and the 200 lb weight loss when compared to the 4,500 lb. Hellcat. We now know how Dodge plans on losing all that weight. In addition to lighter components and decreased sound deadening material, Autoblog says the Demon cuts the majority of that weight (113 lbs) by making any seat that isn't absolutely necessary an option. Dodge probably tried to get away with removing all the seats to build the ultimate drag car before conceding that the driver needs somewhere to sit.

The result is a single seat rocket that only gets a passenger seat if customers check the option box. It may seem like overkill, but Dodge being completely obsessive about their new hyper-muscle car is a great sign. It also makes the Demon the perfect car for those who hate giving their friends a ride.

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