corvette burnout into traffic YouTube: BigKleib34
YouTube: BigKleib34

Burnouts are a rite of passage for many drivers. People love to burn rubber and raise smoke. Some cars are much better equipped to pull off this trick than others. Performance brakes, tires, and the acceleration of a vehicle are all important factors to the type of burnout you can achieve. Sports car burnouts are usually reserved for movies, shows, or video games, but on occasion, you can witness an expensive car send some smoke up and scorch the asphalt.

It is extremely rare to see sports cars in certain neighborhoods, but once in a blue moon, you get to see something unforgettable. The video below captured one of those rare instances. A blue Corvette was caught getting on to the California Coastal Highway doing a sick burnout.

Check out the footage here:

Corvettes are known for speed and horsepower. They are some of the most affordable luxury sports cars, and thus some of the most common in America. Still, seeing one is usually a treat, and when you do get a glimpse of one, it’s pulling away from you in the fast lane in traffic. This time, the blue luxury coupe was headed for traffic.

This burnout almost makes the Corvette worth the insurance. As the driver merges onto the empty roadway, they do a full 360 and start to smoke like a chimney.  After the spin, the driver trails white smoke in a straight line flying toward traffic in the middle lane. The strong white smoke trailed for several car lengths before the Corvette had to slow down. Seeing a Corvette in action usually doesn’t involve sick burnouts like this, so everyone in attendance was shocked and elated because of the novelty of the scene.

If you’re going to spend Corvette money, you might as well enjoy it. This driver gets it and puts some wear on their tires to impress the crowd. You only live once, so if you happen to buy a sports car, you best enjoy that baby. Until I get a ‘Vette of my own, I’ll have to live vicariously through videos like this. It’s safe to say this driver made their mark.

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