WTCC driver Yvan Muller by Massimo Bettiol Getty Images

A racing champ says angry fans have threatened to kill his daughter, and it gets worse


"It's gone far too far." That's the message WTCC driver Yvan Muller has for fans of Norbert Michelisz.

Muller was announced as an addition to the Volvo team in the World Touring Car Championship season finale. The 4-time world champion driver is replacing Nestor Girolami in trying to help Volvo and their lead driver Thed Bjork secure a title. For Michelisz fans though, this is too reminiscent of last year. reports that the Hungarian fans think Muller intentionally let driver Tiago Monteiro pass him and secure a third-place finish in the championship race, depriving Michelisz of a spot on the podium. And that did not sit well.

"Since the press release came out and said I'll be in this race, I am the target of many Norbi fans and bad comments," said Muller.

But, he says, these fans now have made their attacks very personal.


"When the message becomes private and when it becomes we will kill you, and f*** your wife and kill your daughter, I think it's gone far too far," said Muller.

Muller says he hopes Michelisz will intervene with his fans and make them understand that this is just sports.