Watch this rally cross car try to shake a drone off its tail


Hang on to your lunch. If the vicious acceleration of these 600 horsepower rallycross cars doesn't get to you, the flipping, twirling camera work from the drone will. Watching this drone chase around a couple of rallycross cars, you can really see just how fast they take off.

0-60 is claimed to be achieved in 1.9 seconds and with the drone getting left in the dust that raw speed is really put into perspective. When the pilot of the drone can refrain from giving us a headache with his somersaulting, he gets some really cool footage of these cars playing around on the mixed surface track.

If this were a legitimate race, the drone might be able to keep up, but only because it cuts corners. Watch the last 45 seconds or so to hear what the drone sounds like without the music. We say it sounds like a flying dentist's drill.

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