Watch Pink Floyd's drummer crash his 5 million dollar car


Crashes happen in an instant. When piloting a classic supercar these things can happen even quicker. Nick Mason, Pink Floyd's drummer, found this out during an exhibition at Goodwood in his McLaren F1 GTR. The crash happens too quickly for even the broadcast to catch the whole incident, but they switch just in time to make every car enthusiast wince in pain as the ultra-rare McLaren smashes into the tire wall.

A similar Mclaren F1 GTR sold at auction in 2014 for more than five million dollars, and there were reportedly only 28 ever made in this configuration.

Car Throttle reports that the 73 year old Mason was unhurt, but the car was not so lucky. The silver lining is that it would take more than that to finish off a car as valuable as an F1, so this car will likely be back on track before we know it. We applaud the famous musician for letting his beautiful car stretch its legs now ant then instead of sit in a garage. This was an acceptable risk.

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