This unholy cross between Mopar and Chevy is a record setter

Coke vs Pepsi, Yankees vs Red Sox, Spy vs Spy. The world is full of rivalries that make people on both sides a little bit crazy. In the American auto world, there is Ford vs Chevy and Mopar vs everyone else. Chrysler's parts and service division and fans have a saying, "Mopar or no car."

They probably will cringe their way through this entire video. This Chevy Corvette, if you can still call it that after all its modifications, has a Frankenstein-ed motor consisting of a Chevy block and a Mopar cylinder head. How this pair ended up together is anyone's guess, but the results are amazing.

This Hemi-Vette broke record for the highest trap speed on a radial tire by running at 212.69 mph over 1/8th of a mile. It blows the hood off a Nova on its way to the "Radial vs the World" final where it finally loses. Still, the unique build won't have its record taken away. For now.

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