Even nitrous couldn't save this Fox body and others from being embarrassed by electricity



The Telsa Model S P100D is an amazing car. It has a crazy little feature called "Ludicrous Mode" that allows for sub 3 second 0-60 times in about a 5,000 lb luxury car. Some have criticized the Tesla cars for just being fast off the line and nothing more due to AWD, but with this latest mode being enabled we are seeing high 10 second quarter mile times, meaning in most real world situation the Tesla rules.

That's exactly what happens in this video with the owner of this 100,000 dollar Model S completely destroying every single car that pulls up for a late night street race.

As if it wasn't weird enough to see a completely silent car spank modified Mustangs and even a GTR, this Tesla owner has totally gutted this car losing about 500 lbs in the process. On the outside, you think it's a nice, pretty Model S but the interior will remind you more of that 3rd Gen Camaro you had in high school that you tried making fast by turning it into a tin can. This car retains the dash and enormous center screen but that's about it. No carpet, rear seats, no "frunk" and aluminum Kirkley seats up front.


1320video posted this madness, but the owner of this Tesla also has his own YouTube channel called Tesla Racing channel. Apparently he owns a small fleet of these things and goes around to tracks racing everyone. You have to see this to believe it.

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