After a snow storm, NASCAR racetracks look like winter wonderlands


NASCAR teams would need snow tires if they wanted to race this weekend.

With storms recently hitting the Deep South, areas that typically receive very little snowfall where blanketed with white powder. This created some extraordinary images at a couple of NASCAR's most famous race tracks.

Both Martinsville Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway shared photos on social media of their tracks covered in snow. Some Instagram users have even commented on how fun it would be to sled down the steep banking at Talledega, while another suggested that an exhibition race should be held, where the last driver to crash would be declared winner.

The first race of the 2018 NASCAR Cup Series season is scheduled for February 18th, so both tracks have plenty of time to clean up and prepare before the season starts, but these images are still out of the ordinary to say the least.


Talladega is known for its tightly-packed racing and Martinsville for its beating and banging. With so many drivers switching teams or leaving the sport this offseason, both facilities will look quite different in 2018.

Even the Circuit of Americas -- not a NASCAR track -- was covered in snow.