Danica Patrick makes a surprising comment about her team's effort

So this is a little surprising.

It's no surprise that Danica Patrick  has had far more success off the track than she's had on it -- at least the NASCAR side. She had a solid IndyCar career -- becoming the first women to  win a race in that series and finishing third i the Indy 500 -- but NASCAR hasn't been kind.

So, in comments to reporters, and as reported by AutoWeek, Patrick has some surprising things to say about her lacj of NASCAR success.

"Have I had the best car with the best engine, the best, best, best, best, best? Probably not. Have I had good teams? Absolutely? Have I had good equipment? Absolutely. The challenges are those last little details and having a group that believes you can do it and is willing to go beyond the call of duty for the job. All those small, small, small little details that stack up to make something special that goes on track. That's something that hasn't always been there."

The part about "willing to go beyond the call of duty for the job" is certainly going to raise some eyebrows.

Patrick has repeatedly said she wants to race next year -- she let Stewart -Haas Racing earlier this month following sponsorship woes  -- and doesn't want to go back to IndyCar.

If she goes anywhere, it'll be to a team (apparently) that goes beyond the call of duty.