Danica Patrick has said she wants to keep racing in the Cup Series, but ESPN analyst Ricky Craven says, forget it.

“I believe there will be demand from corporate America, she’s got a tremendous brand and shes a very successful female athlete. Very, very identifiable. But I don’t think you’ll see her behind the wheel of a race car in NASCAR.

He noted that IndyCar might be an option, and then said this:

“But her days behind the wheel of a NASCAR Monster Cup series car are over. Quite frankly because she cannot match up with those drivers. She doesn’t have the confidence to compete with a Kyle Busch, a Jimmie Johnson, or  a Kevin Harvick.”

That’s going to raise some eyebrows. Doesn’t have the confidence? She seems to have plenty of that. Skills? That’s another question.

Former NASCAR winner turned analyst takes a shot at Danica Patrick Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
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