Thad Moffitt may not have the name recognition of his grandfather, Richard Petty, or his uncle Kyle Petty. But he still has plenty in common with the patriarch of the Petty clan. Moffitt will make his ARCA debut in the music city 200 at only 16 years old.

While he already has plenty of racing experience, he won the Southeast Limited Late Model Series championship last year, Thad says he is learning a lot in a short period of time leading up to his debut. He told Fox Sports,

“I learned a lot in a few hours. I need a little more speed. I know we have it … it’s just a matter of getting fully comfortable in the car. I realize now that I should have done a couple things differently, but it’s all part of the learning process.”

He also mentioned that his grandfather is allowing him to learn things on his own, only giving advice when asked, to foster his own specific driving style. Not a bad resource for a young racer to have.

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Richard Petty’s grandson is going into the family business @ThadMoffitt / Twitter
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