A legendary team is trying to be the next Furniture Row Racing

In an attempt to better their teams effort on the track, Richard Petty Motorsports will be aligning with another team.

For the 2018 season, RPM will be working with Richard Childress Racing much like the partnership Furniture Row has with Joe Gibbs Racing, which has proved to be rather successful.

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They are also looking to get a fabrication department together to help with the process. Drew Blickensderfer, RPM's crew chief, says the fabrication department could be the key to solving a championship equation, according to NBC Sports. They hope that less space and fewer people will have better results.

"We have shrank quite a bit," Blickensderfer said. "Right now, we're bare bones, but we have the people we need to go racing and performance-wise to go racing."

"To grow into a Furniture Row, or a model similar to that, we need to get that (fabrication department) up and running," added Blickensderfer.

Last season, RPM finished 24th in the owner standings and are hoping for an immediate improvement this upcoming season. Hopes of at least becoming a top-20 team aren't that far-fetched.

Furniture Row took a Joe Gibbs Racing chassis and modified it using precise engineering and manufacturing. RPM hopes the by relocating to a smaller facility adjacent to Richard Childress Racing, they'll be positioned to achieve similar success.

"That's the ultimate goal is to be able to take a car from Richard Childress Racing and develop and work on it and ultimately have a better product for Sunday," Blickensderfer said.

"Basically, it comes as a shell, the chassis with a body on it," Blickensderfer added. "We do the wiring, the plumbing, the suspension parts, front and rear."

RPM will have Bubba Wallace behind the wheel of the No. 43 Chevy Camaro ZL1 for 2018 for his first full-time season in the Cup Series. Hopefully RPM's partnership with RCR and Wallace behind the wheel will prove to be successful.