Sadly, Parker Kligerman says a poignant goodbye to a dear friend Robert Laberge/Getty Images

Parker Kligerman suffered a very personal loss to a dear friend, and he shared the news on Instagram.

Kligerman — stock car driver and NASCAR analyst — said goodbye his Audi A4. The car was born in 2007, and based on this account, the two never seemed to tire of each other. They never spun their wheels in anger, never suffered from burn out.

Kligerman thinks his pal was one of a kind — quite possibly the only Audi A4 to turn three laps on the high banks of Bristol Motor Speedway.

The car lived with Kligerman for 95,000 miles. But just like with NASCAR drivers, the old reliable has given way to a younger, sleeker version, a 2018 edition that looks great and has all of the new gadgets, but with 28 miles, still needs a lot of learning to do.

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