We don’t see any reason for NASCAR not to run Watkins Glen in the winter @WGI / Twitter

The NASCAR season is a long one, spanning February to November, and tracks usually appear on the schedule around the same time each year. Some of that has to do with tradition, just ask fans how they feel about taking the opener away from Daytona, but there is a practical aspect to it as well.

The tracks in the Northeast especially just can’t be driven during the early or late months of the season due to that pesky weather thing.

At least, that’s what we thought.

Now we aren’t so sure, because Watkins Glen International looks like an absolute blast in January. Maybe the season should start there instead of Daytona?

Clearly, some changes would have to be made to the cars to allow for a snow race, but it’s not like they don’t already have to make massive changes for road courses anyway, right? Add a foot or two of suspension and some big tires, and a stock car ripping around the track sideways is not out of the question.

Fans would adjust just fine, crowds have no problem filling football stadiums in January. Drivers might not adjust as well to the snow judging by their recent cold-weather driving displays, but at least there would be no complaining about in-car temperatures!

Ok, so we admit it isn’t the most practical idea to rebuild stock cars into mini-monster trucks just to run a race that would have to compete with the NFL’s playoffs, but maybe the drivers could just borrow some stadium super trucks and run a winter exhibition race?

Who wouldn’t watch that?

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