You need to be watching Stadium Super Trucks this racing season

If your favorite racing series has been ruined beyond repair with asinine rule changes, we have just the thing. Stadium Super Trucks is the most awesome racing series you aren't watching. And that needs to change. Watching these trucks corner on three wheels and launch through the air off the jumps, we have no idea how this isn't the most popular racing series in the world. There is some great action with trucks jumping side by side, spinning each other out, and nearly flipping on their own in every corner.

There are even familiar names racing in the series. Looking at you, Robby Gordon. These highlights from Australia show you the madness that defines the races, but you don't have to fly down under just to see these trucks in person as half of their races are held in the US. See the full schedule here.

After a hard fought win you can see the race winner, Sheldon Creed, saw the wheel back and forth in mid air over the final jump, the equivalent of riding a wheelie across the finish line. We like their style.

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