during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway on November 4, 2012 in Fort Worth, Texas.

This is the worst news NASCAR has gotten yet

NASCAR has been getting bad news by way of lackluster ratings all year, and by tuning out, fans have made it clear that they are not happy with the direction of the sport. This latest news, is the clearest indication we've seen yet that NASCAR is in trouble.

Earlier this week we asked our readers straight up, "Will you keep watching NASCAR?" and they responded. Loud and clear. 63% of the responses to our poll said no, they will not continue watching NASCAR after this season.

We had seen the signs in the comments, but wondered if those claiming they were done with the sport spoke for the majority of NASCAR fans or were merely the loudest? If that poll is any indication. NASCAR has some work to do.

The top comments on the story paint a pretty clear picture.

V Mike Barnes said: "I quit......not because don't like the drivers.....just don't like the format, boring.......they might as well throw the keys in a pot and draw one."

Robert T Stafford said: "Not me, I'm tired of all the TOYOTA 500s. Haven't watched this year either, stage racing is bullshit!!!"

Kevin Darby said: "Nascar has turned into what I didn't like about IndyCar large corporate sponsors. NASCAR used to be special you had particular guys that could build engines you have particular guys that know how to build the right kind of car now it's all Cookie Cutter cars and I think it's only one guy that builds all the engines so how can you be competitive if the same guy builds all the parts. I probably will not be watching because I no longer have cable and satellite it's too expensive. Nascar has forgot about the people that made this sport famous The Regular Guy."

Many other comments brought up the same points. The cars no longer represent "Stock car" racing, the sport got too big for it's own good and cares more about money than the fans, the racing format is boring or even the simple fact that broadcast companies make it too hard to watch the races.

If they don't do something fast, NASCAR could be hurting even more in the near future.

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