NASCAR officials are making the longest race of the year even longer Brian Lawdermilk / Stringer

You know NASCAR’s new stage format? It is supposed to reward consistency and multiply the excitement of the last lap by adding multiple finishes per race. In practice, it is mostly a built in caution two times per race to get some awkward, over the radio, in car interviews that lets people take a bathroom break without missing any actual racing.

Well, NASCAR must be loving it because they decided an upcoming race needed one more break! says that the Coca-Cola 600, held at Charlotte Motor Speedway, will have four stages instead of the typical three. The breaks will occur at Lap 100, 200 and 300.

The longest race of the year already lasts over four hours without the stage breaks. This year’s event will truly be an endurance event, not just for the drivers, but for everyone watching, too.

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