One of racing's biggest stars wants to make a 'guest appearance' in NASCAR


Lewis Hamilton is coming off winning his fourth career Formula 1 championship, but it seems he can't help but keep mentioning NASCAR in interviews. His latest mention of America's most popular racing series hints that his previous opinion might be softening.

"I'm fully committed to F1 at the moment, but I think at some point in the future I might do, like, a guest appearance," Hamilton told GQ when asked about trying NASCAR. "But if Puma did it, I think it would look sick. We could make it look so cool. So, yeah, I can't rule it out at the moment. I also just want to make an appearance in 'Talladega Nights 2', and I think I'd have to be in Nascar for that."

Hamilton has actually spent more time complaining about Formula 1 turning into NASCAR lately than hinting that he might want to give it a shot, but maybe he wants to put aside his complaints if it gives him a shot at appearing in the sequel to one of the best NASCAR movies ever made.

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After complaining about the weight and similarity of stock cars, he would make a great villain for the movie.