Superstitious NASCAR fans should have a new favorite after a driver gets ‘blessed’ by a notorious figure Patrick Smith/ Getty Images

Odds are, many folks that follow NASCAR have absolutely no clue who Lil B The Based God is, but one NASCAR driver does and hopefully it works to his advantage.

Erik Jones is coming off a rookie year in the Monster Energy Cup Series that saw him named Rookie of the Year for the third consecutive year in a row, in each of the three top series of the sport.

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Jones shouted out rapper Lil B on Twitter after Jones received a follow from The Based God on the popular social network.

Lil B tweeted back to Jones showing  respect to the young talented driver as well as the sport.

For those unfamiliar with the significance of a blessing from Lil B it can mean all the difference when it comes to success, maybe?

The most famous dealing with Lil B and a professional athlete was when basketball player Kevin Durant was cursed for disrespecting the rapper in a tweet in 2011, according to Lil B’s curse was said to prevent Durant from ever winning a NBA championship. Coincidentally, the curse was lifted during the summer of 2016 and Durant went on to win a title with the Golden State Warriors the following season.

If the power of The Based God holds true, then Jones could be in for a huge season. After all, the power of Lil B is real, ask KD.

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