NASCAR officials have discussed the idea of a much different type of car series

One thing synonymous with attending a race is hearing the sound of the cars as they pass by on the track. Now imagine attending a race where the cars were mostly silent because they're all electric.

NASCAR officials have at least entertained the idea of an all-electric racing series according the Adam Stern of the Sports Business Journal. Nothing would affect the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, but they could change either the Xfinity Series or the Truck Series to an all-electric race in the future.

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An all-electric series would reduce the costs for teams in a lower series, and money has been an issue in the Truck Series specifically.

Racing fans who love the sound of the engines don't need to worry just yet. A change this big wouldn't happen for several years anyway because the technology isn't advanced enough yet to support electric cars racing for hundreds of miles.

But if NASCAR officials determine it is cost effective, expect to see an all-electric racing series in the future.

(h/t NESN)