Martin Truex Jr. blamed a "dumbass" for costing him a win in Texas


Sunday's playoff race at Texas Motor Speedway provided more entertaining commentary on the radio scanner than just about any other race this season. There were plenty of hilarious comments and quips about other drivers, and some in the field showed their disdain for some of their competition.

Kyle Larson was heading into the pit road when someone was in his way.

"3... 2... Get the (expletive) out the way," said Larson's crew chief, Chad Johnston.

Clint Bowyer's spotter, Brett Griffin, got straight the point when discussing how he feels about the way Cole Whitt drives.


"The 72 (Whitt) just races like a (expletive) tool, man," Griffin said.

While the drivers were pitting after Stage 1, Martin Truex Jr. crew chief Cole Pearn wasn't pleased with another driver coming out of pit road.

"You tell that (expletive), if he does that again we're knocking him off the (expletive) jack!"

Erik Jones seemingly had a frustrating day despite his 10th place finish.


"This is such (expletive) traffic dude," Jones said. "It's (expletive) ridiculous."

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Kurt Busch, who was the pole winner, pitted after Stage 2, and he was displeased after his tires weren't on tight enough.

"You ain't got 'em (expletive) tight," Busch said. "(Expletive)!"


His team told him everything was fine, but Busch disagreed.

"There's no way," he said. "Coming in this time. It's horrible. (Expletive) me."

When Busch returned to the track, he took a shot at Chase Elliott.

"I'll just follow the 24 (Elliott)," Busch said. "He's pretty good at getting away with what the (expletive) ever."


Later in the race, Kyle Busch had the most Kyle Busch quote ever:

"I don't think I've ever passed so many meaningless cars in my entire life," he said.

Kyle Larson had been complaining about his car and a loose wheel throughout the day, and when he wrecked in the final stage, Chad Johnston let him have it.

"He wanted to talk about how (expletive) the car was and he (expletive) wrecked it," Johnston said.


Spotter Derek Kneeland agreed and said it had happened two weeks in a row.

The red flag came out for Larson, and Danica Patrick wasn't pleased about it.

"Whoa, it's really hot," she said. "Yeah, this is pretty (expletive) of them to stop us, to be honest."

Martin Truex Jr. had an interesting comment about the heat in the car.


"I feel like I've got a blister on my (expletive) it's so hot," he said.

Cole Whitt said it was cool for him to be next to Kyle Busch on a red flag because he could hear fans yell curse words at the 18.

When Kevin Harvick passed Martin Truex Jr. late, Truex said he had no idea how it happened but pinned the blame on one driver.

"No idea how he did that," Truex said. "Blame the (expletive) dumbass in the 6 (Trevor Bayne) for it, though. (Expletive) idiot."


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Harvick went on to win the race and clinch a spot at Homestead, but Truex also clinched with his points, so both drivers left the race satisfied.