Landon and Matt give us a cool Christmas present with the helmet cam


As we continue to count down the days until Christmas, we can't help but to admire the dedication of Landon Cassill and Matt Dibenedetto as they present yet another installment of Landon and Matt's NASCAR Christmas Presents.

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The latest edition, aptly titled Introduction to the Helmet Cam, is exactly that. They take a look back at some of the best moments seen from the driver's point of view from the 2017 racing season.

"So cool, best introduction ever," Dibenedetto said. "It gives you a real feel for how hard the crashes are, that's for sure."


They discussed how fans always ask why they didn't do more to avoid crashes and pile-ups. Maybe after seeing more of this footage, more fans will understand the difficulty that goes into racing instead of being grandstand drivers.

"I think every single driver should wear a helmet cam and I think you should be able to stream it," Cassill said. "Every one of them, you should be able to watch the race."

They very well could be on to something. How cool would it be to watch a race, seeing exactly what your favorite driver sees? Now that would be epic.