'Radical changes' at First Row Motorsports creates one more free agent driver

Front Row Motorsports informed Landon Cassill that he will no longer be with the team next season according to Jeff Gluck.

After citing "Radical changes" being made to the team in the phone call informing Landon of the move, First Row Motorsports only had this to say via a spokesperson:

"We're thankful for the last two years having Landon as a teammate and an ambassador for our sponsors, and we'll keep working hard with him and the No. 34 team for the best possible results the remainder of the 2017 season."

Cassill is reported to be surprised by the move but told Jeff Gluck:

"I'm kind of excited to see what doors open up for me. I have a unique resume in this sport right now. I think my youth is what kind of helps stay plugged in on a social side and off-track side, and then I just have a tremendous amount of experience in the Cup Series -- maybe not having the limelight of a top-notch team, but I'd like to work myself into one of those scenarios where I can showcase what I've learned."

Cassill is now a free agent and will have to take his 253 Cup series starts and his social media proficiency to a new team next year.

The 28 year old Cassill is continuing to take the news in stride. Responding to a story confirming the news on Twitter:

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