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Kevin Harvick has the most blistering response to Kyle Busch's controversial comments


Add Kevin Harvick to the list of drivers who are critical of Kyle Busch's recent comments.

Busch said NASCAR's focus on younger drivers is "stupid," and his remarks have been met with backlash throughout the sport. Ryan Blaney and Bubba Wallace have already criticized Busch for the comments, and Harvick didn't mince words when giving his opinion on Busch's stance.

According to AutoWeek, Harvick said Busch's comments were like "a child whining for some attention" and added that Elliott winning a race "would be good for everybody."

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Most drivers who have been critical of the 32-year-old Busch have been younger, so it's interesting to hear from a driver who is older than Busch. Harvick, 42, is one of the most veteran drivers in the sport, and if he's OK with younger drivers getting more publicity, Busch should be fine with it, too.

Blaney made the point that he's willing to do more while Busch declines to do a lot of the things NASCAR asks him to do.

"I feel like if some drivers were more willing to do these things, they'd get asked more to do it," Blaney said. "The reason why I get asked more to do it a lot is because I say, 'Yes,' a lot. It's good for the sport and myself. I can tell you personally, he (Busch) doesn't like doing a lot of stuff. And that's why they don't ask him to do a lot of stuff. So that kind of made me a little upset how he bashed that part of it. But to each his own. If he doesn't want to do anything, so be it."

Busch will end up on the losing side of this debate. If other veteran drivers are agreeing with NASCAR's strategy, Busch will end up on an island. NASCAR is right to focus on the younger drivers, and they're more likely to want the exposure.


Busch is better off giving up on this one and moving on, but as racing fans know, that's not really his personality.