Brad Keselowski has started quite a controversy between himself and every team in NASCAR running a car with a Toyota emblem up front. Keselowski implied that the Toyota teams were purposefully hanging back during testing at Michigan in order to avoid any actions by NASCAR to restore competitive balance after Toyota’s recent run of dominance.

A few Toyota drivers took the opportunity to have a little fun at Keselowski’s expense on twitter.

One Toyota driver, however, wasn’t in a joking mood.

“Brad’s a [expletive] moron,” Kyle Busch said via ESPN. “We don’t just turn it down. We actually have a new engine package here this week. He’s a moron.”

Tell us how you really feel, Kyle!

Bush and Keselowski were not on great terms as it is, after an in-race incident last week, so these comments aren’t all that surprising. We can’t wait to see how these two react when they see each other back on the track. Should be fun.

A former champion takes aim at Keselowski: ‘Brad’s a [expletive] moron’ Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images
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