Kyle Busch told a fan he knows what the rival he loves to hate is getting for Christmas


It's no secret that Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski aren't too keen on each other. So when a fan asked Busch what he was getting Keselowski for Christmas, his response wasn't a surprise.

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Writer Jeff Gluck covers NASCAR, and in a recent tweet he shared that a fan was interested to hear what Busch had in store form his rival.

"He's already going to hell, so it's not like I need to buy him a trip there," said Busch according to the tweet posted by Gluck.


Earlier in the year, Busch told reporters, "Sometimes you just don't like a guy." He has no problem letting his feelings about Keselowski be known.

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Now in the off-season, the two drivers have chance to let the feud die down, but after Busch's remarks to a fan, we can only wait to see what Kes has to say, if anything at all.

One thing that's almost certain, is that they will pick right back up where they left of when they get to Daytona in February.