One of NASCAR's top analysts says goodbye after losing his job


One of the best reporters in the business has bid farewell.

Kenny Bruce, a three-time National Motorsports Press Association Writer of the Year and current president of the NMPA, has lost his job at and took to Twitter to bid everyone a classy goodbye.

End of 2017 means the end of a 5-yr run at Hard to express how special many of those folks have become to me. Appreciate the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best. Thanks from the heart for everything.

The news that Wallace and two others --  Lee Davis of ESPN and Holly Cain of NASCAR. com -- had all lost their jobs came in a tweet earlier this month.


Scott Cooper, the vice-president of communications at Charlotte Motor Speedway, also weighed in.

But while Davis  confirmed he was been let go. Cain -- who won  Bob Russo Founders Award for dedication to auto racing this year -- and  Bruce were silent (until now).

These three journalists have stellar reputations and fans weren't the only ones who noticed -- so have some big names in NASCAR.

Talent always finds a way of landing on its feet. Let's hope that happens here.