Joey Logano was asked about winning this week at Richmond. To his credit, he took the most obvious question ever for a driver on the bubble in the final race of the regular season and turned into a genuinely interesting answer.

Logano was very straightforward with the situation his team finds itself in, saying:

“We’re in a do or die situation.”

Expanding on that situation, he spoke to the team’s aggressive race strategy. Although it hasn’t worked out so far, he thinks it is the only way forward. “We have to race that way,” he said.

Logano won at Richmond already this season, but the win was encumbered so it did not count towards clinching the playoffs.

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His confidence is high to repeat the feat at this track, hopefully without the same rules violation, saying, “I dont see any reason why we can’t.”

Whether he pulls it off or not, we are sure to see some aggressive racing from Joey and his team, because in his own words:

“Second place is a failure”

For a driver on the bubble, ‘second place is a failure’ Brian Lawdermilk / Stringer
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