Jeffrey Earnhardt wraps up a title no one wants

There's a certain level of success that's expected from a driver with the last name Earnhardt.

The late Dale Earnhardt Sr. was one of the most successful NASCAR drivers in history, winning a total of 76 races and seven championships in the Cup Series, which ties him with Richard Petty and Jimmie Johnson for the most titles in NASCAR's top-level of racing.

Furthermore, even though Dale Jr. failed to win a championship during his 18 years in the Cup Series, he did win two Daytona 500s and was crowned NASCAR's Most Popular Driver a record 14 times.

In 2017, another Earnhardt earned a title, even if many fans don't know about it yet.

By finishing last in 5 races this year, as well as in the bottom-10 in 23 other Cup Series events, Jeffrey Earnhardt earned the dubious distinction of being the 2017 LASTCAR Cup Series Championship.

If you're unfamiliar with LASTCAR, it's a website run by freelance writer and statistician Brock Beard, which focuses on the underdogs in NASCAR and how the back of the pack is fairing in each race. The thought being that NASCAR broadcasts give the majority of the attention to race leaders and drivers competing for the championship, so LASTCAR fills the niche of covering what's happening at the rear of the field.

Granted, Earnhardt doesn't have the best team behind him, so that certainly hurts his performance. This is the second consecutive year The Motorsports Group--which is the team Jeffrey Earnhardt drives for--has been named LASTCAR Cup Series Championship.