One NASCAR driver couldn't race any more so he grabbed his gun and went to relieve some stress


The past few months have been filled with ups and downs for one NASCAR driver, which has left him without a ride for the upcoming season.

It was recently announced that Jeffrey Earnhardt (nephew of Dale Earnhardt Jr.), would be relieved of his duties with TMG Motorsports. The decision totally caught Jeffrey off guard seeing as it was just announced that he would continue his sponsorship with Circle Sports back in October. But as we know things can change in the matter of an instant, or a few months in this case.

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Normally, Earnhardt would go out and hit the track in his race car if he needed to let off some steam, but unfortunately that's not an option at this point. So he sought out another true love in his life for some much needed stress relief.


The caption on the photo said it all, "When your stressed out go do what u have a passion for, I couldn't go race so I went hunting."

A hunting he did go and he landed quite the wild hog on his adventure.

It's a little uncertain as to what 2018 has in store for Earnhardt. But if he keeps bagging game like this, at least we know he won't go hungry.