NASCAR legend continues to improve after car accident


NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Jack Ingram is progressing on the road to recovery after being seriously injured in a car accident on Dec. 4.

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He's been battling some breaks, bumps, and bruises sustained during the crash, but has still manged to voice his opinion on the upcoming sale of Jerry Richardson' stake of the Carolina Panthers.

Ingram's daughter Ingrid Jones has been keeping family, friends, and fans current on his status with updates via a CaringBridge page. His condition has been improving with each update, as the most recent is the most optimistic yet.


Dear Friends and Family-

Jack is slowly getting back to his old self. He can now talk with when his trach-tube is capped. And when he talks, he has plenty to say. Tonight his focus was Jerry Richardson selling the Panthers. Jack has lots of opinions on the situation, as I'm sure each of you who know him can imagine.?
Jack is still doing therapies, and still has plenty of healing to do with his ribs, but he enjoys seeing friends and family when they visit, and catching up. It's so great to hear him talk, again, and see him smile and ask about what's going on at home.
We know that Jack still has a ways to go, and we are overjoyed and thankful with each and every milestone.
Many of you have asked about Aline. She has been by his side as much as humanly possible. She's been amazingly strong and hopeful and realistic. She has impressed us beyond belief with her strength and spirit, and undying commitment and love for Jack and her family.
Thank you all, again, for your kind words, thoughts, prayers and positivity, as well as offers to help. It means the world. ?

We will continue to provide details on Ingram's status as they become available. in the meantime we continue to send thoughts and prayers to him and his family.