Family provides update on NASCAR Hall of Famer critcally injured in crash


NASCAR 2014 Hall of Fame inductee, Jack Ingram is still recovering from Sunday's car accident in Asheville, NC.

Ingram is still listed in critical condition at Memorial Mission Hospital, where he was transported following the crash. Of the two passengers in the vehicle with Ingram, one suffered minor injuries while the other managed to walk away uninjured, according to NBC Sports.

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In addition to the five broken ribs, collapsed lung and puncture wound on his left side, he also had to have surgery to stop internal bleeding.


On Wednesday the family provided the most recent update on CaringBridge and it appears to be rather optimistic:

Hi, all.

Jack had a very busy day. He started out getting actual nutrients through a feeding tube. This was a big deal. His sedation has been lifted and he's been able to make eye contact with family members. This is all very big and makes us confident he's on the right track. Today he had a little occupational and physical therapy. He moved his limbs on command and even sat up, unassisted for a few seconds. This is actually a pretty big milestone (especially considering he's still intubated with so many cracked ribs). Tomorrow, if his night goes well, he will be extubated and then have a procedure called a tracheostomy. This is the next step in recovery. We're very encouraged at his progress and hopeful about tomorrow going well. We appreciate so much the kindness, support, encouragement and prayers. It is so very appreciated.

We will continue to update Ingram's progress as details emerge.