It Took Dale Earnhardt Jr. a Year to Find This Car in His Own Backyard Facebook: Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Facebook: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

It should probably come as no surprise to you that Dale Earnhardt Jr. lives a pretty luxurious life. With an estimated net worth of around $400 million, the former NASCAR driver and current NBC Sports analyst lives on a 200-acre estate in Mooresville, North Carolina. Known as “Dirty Mo Acres,” this place has everything from a go-kart track to a replica western town, complete with a barber shop, saloon, and even a jail. As if you needed more proof that Dale Jr. was a southern boy through and through. And also probably a huge fan of Blazing Saddles.

Perhaps the most renowned feature of Dirty Mo Acres, though, is the “Racecar Graveyard,” which contains more than 75 vintage and wrecked race cars. In fact, the collection is so vast, that Junior managed to actually lose a car in it. As he recounted in a May 2 Facebook post, it took Earnhardt an ENTIRE YEAR to find the car. And, it wasn’t just any ordinary race car. This thing had a seriously amazing backstory.

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“I’ve been looking for this car for about a year. Deep in the Racecar Graveyard is Wayne Jesel’s land speed car that was converted from an old Xfinity car. These cars would compete on airport runways to run over 200 mph in a one mile trap from a standing start. I say I’ve been looking for it because my property manager never tells me where he puts the new additions. That just adds to the mystery of the graveyard.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the rides that Dale Jr. keeps in his graveyard, this website includes descriptions of every single one. Now, please excuse while I try wrapping my head around the ridiculous fact that someone could manage to “lose” a whole car in their own backyard.

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