NASCAR should take note of IndyCar's move to make its races more TV friendly

When you aren't at the track, it is hard to get a good feel for the speed of the cars during a race. Seeing a camera panning with the cars on TV is nothing like seeing and even feeling the cars rush by in person. NASCAR has tried to remedy this a couple different ways, but one of the better ones was a visor cam. The camera worked great, getting to see the race from the driver's perspective added another layer to the action. The only problem was that they didn't use it enough.

Now, the main competition for NASCAR in America is doing what stock car racing should be doing: adding more cameras. reports that Indycar will be adding a handful of new in-car views to the broadcasts in 2018.

"This is a unique opportunity to bring the sport even closer to the television audience," said Mark Miles, the CEO of the company that owns IndyCar and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. "IndyCar has experienced 38 percent growth in audience over the past four years and providing a firsthand look at the exhilarating action is a way to win over even more fans."

The new cameras will be placed on the nose, sidepod and rear attenuator. These new viewpoints will supplement the existing in-car camera just above the driver's helmet, and the visor-cam will be used more in-race.

Having all of these views to choose from will surely take some time to get used to for the people in charge of the broadcast, but if done right, it could mean a much improved viewing experience.

Now they just need to figure out how to replicate the feel of a 200+ mph fly-by at home.

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