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An experience at Indianapolis Motor Speedway can bring grown men to tears


What is the mystique of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway? What would make someone travel nearly 9,000 miles for a day of racing a car on the Indy road course? Hagerty's editor-in-chief Larry Webster wanted to find out, plus get in a little track time himself.

The result was a pretty awesome 5-minute video highlighting a day of racing by guys from all over the world driving all makes and models of vintage open wheel racecars. The event was hosted by the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association. SVRA CEO Tony Parella talks in the video about what makes IMS so special.

"You can go anywhere in the world, and if you say 'what race track have you heard of?', they're going to say the Indianapolis. You know every Memorial Day for the last 101 years, we've had this spectacle," Parella says.


It's more than just the track. It's the heritage and the exciting races. It's the crowning of new champions and spectacular finishes. It's watching drivers be in command of cars moving at more than 200 mph and coming out the other side.

"You'll literally see guys with tears rolling down their face in that they're in awe of the fact that they're pulling out of gasoline alley onto the Indianapolis Motor Speedway," said Parella.

SVRA holds two dates each year for drivers who want a chance to drive the same track as open-wheel legends.

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