Racing legend who owns share of NASCAR powerhouse spotted twice at F1 tracks, setting off speculation

So, what is this about?

NASCAR legend Jeff Gorden has been spotted at Grand Prix races recently, and where there's smoke, there could always be fire.

The long-time Formula 1 journalist, Joe Seward, reported on his blog that out of the last four Grand Prix races Gordon has been spotted twice.

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Maybe that doesn't mean anything. But consider these facts:

  • Gordon has a stake in Hendricks Motorsports
  • Rick Hendrick is already lobbying for Gordon to succeed him, whenever he decides to step down
  • Gene Haas started his own F1 team in 2014
  • F1 is making major inroads into the United States, as the series is own by a U.S. firm, is opening an officer in NYC to attract sponsorship and is looking cities to host road races.

Gordon, currently working as an analyst for NBC, has a contract that expires after 2018. He'a already said that he can't become more involved in Hendrick and still keep his NBC job, so we'll have to see how that plays out.

As Seward notes, file this one under speculation at this point. But the dots sure looks like they could easily connect.