Here’s the truth about a story going around that NASCAR suspended Dale Jr. for criticizing Pres. Trump

On Monday, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has this to say about national anthem protests, and it's 100 percent true.

Unfortunately, in today's internet age, it can be very hard to figure out what is real and what is fake; or what people believe is real or fake based upon their view of the world. So when "stories" like the one below makes its way onto  the internet, it just takes one person to share it before it snowballs.

The latest really and honestly piece of fake news comes from a site called, a site widely known to trade in fake news and false information (check out the very credible, which catalogs sites that make stuff up.)

Here's what LastLine wrote and tweeted out.

The fake story -- which I'm not linking to here -- goes on to say the Dale Jr. has been suspended for two races and fined $3.1 million for his comments.


Didn't happen.

First, the headline isn't accurate. Junior never said anything about the President; he just said people have the right to peaceful protest.

But that didn't stop a number of people from meeting the site's objective -- getting people to share the story, click on it, and make some money.

All you have to do is type in "Dale Earnhart Jr. suspended" in the  Twitter search box to see the number of people who have fallen for this hoax.

No wonder it's so hard to separate fact from fiction.